We take pride in supporting local charities

At 23 Cosmetic Dental & Implant Clinic we are a drop off point for The People's Kitchen in Newcastle.

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    Multiple Portman practices across the North East are proud to support their local charity by being a drop off point for food and toiletries for The People's Kitchen in Newcastle. Not only are our Portman practices a drop off point, their dental practice teams are volunteers at the People's Kitchen helping those who are vulnerable and really need our support. 

    We are also working with local supermarkets asking them to donate any leftover food rather than throwing it away, which we will then supply to The People's Kitchen. 

    The Portman practices in the North East that are a drop off point for the People's Kitchen are:

    • 23 Cosmetic Dental & Implant Clinic
    • Simpson and Nisbet Dental & Implant Clinic
    • Higgins and Winter
    • Atkinson Dental & Implant Clinic
    • Reid Family Dental
    • Durham Smile Clinic
    • The Independent Dental Practice

      What is the People's Kitchen? 

      The People’s Kitchen is a safe space for vulnerable people in Newcastle. The People’s Kitchen is proudly run entirely by volunteers who are generous people that give up their time to help those in need.

        If you would like to donate, speak to our friendly reception team for more information. Call us on 01670 505 020 or e-mail reception.

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